Tars Relic Multiplier Cheats in Clickcraft Quest for Minerals iPhone

Clickcraft Quest for Minerals developed by Ben Soohoo is the combination between a new Minecraft and a clicker game that is specifically designed for the iOS and Android users.

clickcraft quest mutiplier walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to mine all of resources using some tools, such as axes, picks, shovels, swords and scythes
Then, you have to get better tools, purchase upgrades, and hire assistant to make easy your work

So, just tap or shake your phone to find out and collect the resources then invest in a diamond pickaxe to mine more resources with every single tap.

Early on the game, you can start tapping the box button located in the left one on the toolbar
There, you can freely select the type of a specific resource such as rock, wood, etc to mine in this game.

Later on, you will have to learn to mine next, that you can do by any other way with weapons upgrade or hiring someone to help your work

Then, after getting a new type of resource, you can unlock the next tier of weapon
In line with this, you can get 3 of a resource per tap
At the same time, you can then go to the hiring menu to hire the first worker, that will help you get 5 of each type of certain resource within every single second.

For further, you will have a chance to get multiplier in the moneybag menu
To get this multiplier, you can simply watch an ad video
Every time, you have watched it, you will get a 2x multiplier for the next 45 seconds.

If you want to get it more, just share the game on Facebook
You can then use that multipliers to get through a whole lot more quickly.

If you want to get some resources fast, try using two fingers to tap
Anyway, do not tap with two at the same time since because the screen can only read one finger at a time.
Always watch on the screen as each time you see the star coming up on the screen, just tap it to get an instant thirty second 2x multiplier.

On the other side, if you are lucky enough, you will get tars relic that will help you mine all resources in a quick time
And, you will now be able to get that relics through iaps

After hiring workers, you can leave your phone out, with the online game there
At this point, you will still continue earning every resource for free for a long time


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