Tap The Right Buttons to Get High Score in Corny Crush iPhone

In Corny Crush game, all you will do is simply to take the dog, and terrorize the neighborhood for as long as you can for scoring ad high as possible.

corny crush wlakthrough ios android

Every time, you perform your actions, you will be notified to hits certain buttons for certain type of enemies
Here, buttons will keep appearing, and you must hit the right buttons all in the right order.
If you can go longer, you will see more buttons to keep stacking up.

When doing so, you must also stay alert of the colors of the buttons that you must tap.
Try to color match the button so that you can get it right
And, if you hit the wrong button, you will lose the round.
If you go into the round farther, you will see more buttons to be added up, so this becomes extra important.

Evey time, you make some progresses in this game, it will go faster and faster, whereby you must ready to speed up.
Also, the buttons will come in quicker succession, and you will more different combinations of buttons appear on the screen, so get ready for them
Always remember not to get caught off guard by them.

Sometimes, you will also see the advertisement to come up while you are playing
Seeing these ads can be extremely annoying, especially the part where the videos are timed and you must wait a few seconds before you can skip them.

By the way, you can get rid of the ads by setting your phone into airplane mode when you are playing it.
Or you can also turn off your phone WiFi and data.
But, if you want to appreciate for the developer, you can purchase ads remover as this ad is the main income for them in this game

To play more fun, be sure to always turn on the sound so that you can listen to the sounds that Corny makes when you hit a button rather than just seeing what he does or what color is associated with the button.
If you can apply this, it will be easier to time your button presses.

In order to tap the button correctly, you must tap the button when Corny is somewhere inside the circle, and especially the left half of the circle.
Note that do not tap the button too early or too late or the button press will not count in that stage.


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