Tap Fast to Get Diamonds Cash Beat Bop Pop Star Clicker Android

As you may have seen that some clicker games have been coming to ios and android platforms
Similar to such genre, Fliptus has now come to android users along with Beat Bop Pop Star Clicker game

beat bop pop star clicker walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game is the idle clicker game which will turn your single tap into gold
The story goes when you will be a nobody with a cardboard guitar on the streets
As the time goes by, you will evolve to be a superstar hero of the music world.

Here, your journey begins where you will be brought to tap to make money, build your band, dazzle your fans, become a billionaire, make passive income, and more

You will also be allowed to add new band members to provide your music an explosive boost
During in that moment, you can listen to your music grow and evolve as you tap faster, while adding in more instrument tracks with new band member.

Later on, you will then go to take part in the highly charged Rockin’ mode that you can do by tapping the screen fast to make money stream in automatic

All you will do in this game is simply to tap for having cash as much as possible
Besides, you can also charge up bar to get more stream of cash or diamonds
Then, you will go to progress concerning with your musical career with your cash

In line with this, having merch will provide cash automatically
So, be sure to purchase and restock merch from the Merchandise store that you can access via the coin bar in this game

Meanwhile, having piggy bank will keep your cash that you can collect in automatic by selling your Merchandise while you are not playing this game.

For further, you will have to do some upgrades to your music level to get more tap that will come to more money to earn
At this point, you can also unlock items that you can do by leveling up and select your favorite ones to equip when you are about to play in the next level

And, by participating in game events, you can draw a tarot card to have a chance to collect a good bonus for your collection

In order to always take part in new events, you can use diamonds or watch a video to double or skip events.
Plus, you can also get a bunch of rewards from your manager by doing a promotion and watch a video

In addition, you may get to step up on reaching your career goals where you will have to complete your career to increase your cash amount
You can also rack up your cash by tapping on the screen in each given level


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