Tap Fast to Gain High Score in RPG Clicker Android

Epic Pixel has delivered RPG Clicker which can be categorized as a fantasy RPG simplified to one finger touch, where you will simply tap your way through diverse terrain and menacing monsters as well as finding loot and getting more gold to purchase the advanced weapon.

rpg clicker walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will see a unique inflation system that will allow for exponentially powerful enemies as well as exponentially valuable loot for heroes to find.
In line with this, you can upgrade your weapons and spells to do deliver damage with this system
So, just tap as fast as you can to do even more damage toward enemy you are dealing with

Furthermore, after your hero is ready, you will get involved into epic boss fights where your hero’s strength and skill will be put to the test.

On the other side, this game will also give you one button to auto cast to deliver best high output damage along with high mana pool for auto casting
Here, fast casting speed from equipment will be equal to High DPS

Later on, you will gain new acquired spells which are powerful but it degrades easily when facing new enemies
Anyway, getting new spells will be good rather than upgrading your current spell whereby new unlocked stages will be needed before purchasing new powerful spells.

On the other side, Weapon Damage will not match with your Magic damage even if you are tapping at fast rate.
Here, Pure Int will increase Magic Damage that will be equal to Best High Output Damage

Meanwhile, Auto cast will then save your energy physically and mentally
At this point, you can simply watch your character cast a spell into your unfortunate enemies.

Then, when you go for a full or pure int stats, your mana pool will increase and you will get more kills before your mana pool reaches at zero level.

In addition, getting fast casting speed will be important in which you will be able to get 4 equip slots as a bonus casting speed.
And, Cast Speed will be great to be used as the best equipment for Magic


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