Tap Fast to Collect Gems Coin-Op Heroes 2 iPhone

Red Six Interactive Entertainment has just launched CoinOp Heroes 2 as a new epic fantasy RPG which you can play on the ios and android devices

coinop heroes 2 walkthrough ios android

In other words this game is like any clicker games, where you will rapidly tap your screen to beat wave of incoming enemies and collect cash to be used on character upgrades and an army of minions.

You can then upgrade each minion, which will really be useful to defeat all foes for you.
In line with this, you must plan a methodical upgrade system for your minions then tap to turn all foes into pixel dust

When you are about to upgrade your minion, you can try and spend an even amount minions to keep their DPS relatively balanced.

In accordance with this, you can only have four of these fighting at any one time and you can swap them at any point
Doing this will really give you a regular boost in total DPS.

On the other side, you will be able to pick your favorite four minions and use your cash to boost all of them.
Boosting them will give you stronger minions but you will wait longer during the upgrades.

At this point, you can upgrade your main character by playing this game actively as the DPS from your taps will always be far greater than that of your army.

But, if you are an inactive player, you will not need to upgrade your main character
Here, you can simply use the one with the best skill, such as Money Dragon that can increase your gold at ta time.

According to this, you can get new character for the skill advantages.
Since you are active player, you must tap the screen rapidly to earn more money as your taps generally do a lot more damage than minions

As usual, this game will feature gold and gems as the main currencies of this game
In order to get more gems and gold, you can tap gnomes running across the screen, since they will shower you gold or gems

Gems is the premium currency of this game
In the way of getting more gems for free, you can merely watch a brief advertisement popping up when you are visiting the iaps

Later on, once progressing through the game, you will increase in power and get more gold
Besides, you can also unlock new levels where stronger enemies lurk.
After spotting them, you must try to beat them to get more gold

In addition, during the game, try to select a level in which you can comfortably beat all enemies on the screen when tapping it extremely fast.
When you are idle, drop down to a lower level so that it will make your minions make easy money for you.


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