Take Over Enemies for Gems in Ambition of the Slimes HD iPhone

Ambition of the Slimes is a kind of an orthodox simulation RPG or it can be said as a new type tactics simulation of slime counter-attack where you can take over enemies and control them.

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Before going to go through this game into further, you must learn the basic control first
Here, you can also remove the slime by selecting Unit Information menu, then choose the slime and tap the information displayed.
Afterward, you can choose “break up” button at the bottom of the screen.

Later on this game, you will have to take over an archer with a bow and arrow then take over a mage with your magic.
Also, you have to take over a merchant and sway your enemies with a bribe.

In the way of taking over the enemies in this game, you will need certain condition related to it
At this point, you will have the conditions to take over the unit that Hermes took over in the next battle
To get your victory in that battle, your unit should survive to the end.
And, if you lose, it will not be carried over if it is knocked down by the enemy.

Furthermore, after going through the battle, you slimes will raise the level but does not increase the status
Your slimes will level up as when the level of slime increases, HP and defense force will increases
Because of this, it will be more easier to capture and to withstand attack from the enemy.

According to this slime, you will be served with many types of slime that you can choose from, such teleporting slime, slime that raise the abilities of enemies they take over or you can select slime that are guaranteed to take over a high level enemy.

To play this game for better result, you have to come up with various tactics and you need an important strategic element as this will be difficult so you cannot win just by attacking randomly.
On the other words, your tactics are vital for success to completion of this game.

In addition, this game will come with some special items, sorties, antifatigue, etc that you can purchase with real-world currency, but you will still be possible to complete the game without spending a cash for that rare items.


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