SX2 Stars Doubler in Sky Force Reloaded iPhone

Sky Force Reloaded from Infinite Dreams is a kind of a new shooter game which is specifically designed for the ios and android users

sky force reloaded walkthrough ios android

Here, you start with a lightly-armored plane with very little firepower
After going through some stages, you will build up your cache of stars, add more armor and weapons to make your plane through
Once it is tough enough, you will then be challenged to beat bosses and rescue people.

During in the levels, just try to shoot down as many ships as possible while gathering up the stars After upgrading a weapon, you can then focus on longevity so that the stars will take care of themselves.

In the mean time, always try to avoid the shot from enemies and try to beat the boss to open up the next level.

As said earlier, you will have to get stars and collect all of the firing rate upgrades which is signified by the little silver diamonds

Every upgrade will increase the firing rate by only a little bit
So, just get them to increase a big firing rate upgrade by the end of the level, which will help you beat tougher enemies in numerous rows of planes.

On the other side, you may get gifts for free by watching ads videos
These gifts contain goodies as well as free stars.
Note that those gifts will reload after three hours
Therefore, always enable notifications to let you know if they are available to collect

Meanwhile, you will also be assigned to complete some goals by replaying older levels
Completing these goals will give you extra bonuses.
Always remember to beat bosses there since it is requirement to complete goals

Sometimes, you may run a bit low on life, whereby you must attack tanks since they will give you hearts, that will increase your health once you have picked them up
With full health, you can then finish the level easily and collect stars along the way


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