Studs Cheats in Lego Legends of Chima Tribes Fighters iPhone

Warner Bros has just brought LEGO Legend of Chima: Tribe Fighters to iphone and android users
In this game, you can pick your tribe, then fight your way through endless waves of enemies for collecting more studs and CHI crystals that you will need along the game

lego legend of chima tribes fighters walkthrough ios android

Later on, you will have to fight for the Protectors of Chima using the Lion or Crocodile tribe
Then, you can beat the Ice Hunters using the Ice Bear or Saber-Tooth Tiger tribe

Along the game, you should also cooperate with the Melee Warrior, while choosing distance over power with the Blaster Ranger, or summoning magical bolts using the Tribe General

In the battlefield, you can collect CHI then unleash devastating special abilities as well as completing challenges and smashing LEGO objects to get more studs that you can use to upgrade your characters’ power, defense, and special abilities

Thus, just try to build your tribe’s flag and call in additional support to level the playing field
Anyway, if you play on ios, you will be able to play as Laval that you can do by upgrading your Lion Warrior

Every her on this game will come along with hearts, so be sure not to all of your hearts
If you want to add more hearts, you can upgrade them then put on each hero.

To play this game, you will simply touch and drag to control your hero and you have to try to dodge enemies bullets and other attacks by controlling your hero.

On the other side, you should travel as far as you can as some missions requires specific distance to be passed in a quick time

As usual, this game will feature studs as the main currency
In line with these studs, you can collect them in the battle and you can use them to power up your fighters and unlock more heroes with different attack type.

Except studs, you will also be assigned to gather up CHI crystals that you can use to charge your CHI power.
Here, CHI power will acts a bomb that you can use to destroy all enemies at once.
So, it will highly be recommended to use this CHI Power when you are dealing with a lot of enemies.

Meanwhile, you will get a random character tribe support, including those unlocked characters.
In line with this, you can try to gather up to get a tribe support in this game.


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