Strategy to Rack up Score and Coins in Snow Roll iPhone

Snow Roll developed by Happymagenta UAB is a 8-bit graphics offering a running genre with the limited storyline and it is dedicated to the mobile devices

snow roll walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be assigned to guide a little penguin to roll through snowy woods
To control such penguin, all you will do is to tap to change direction and avoid obstacles, while gathering up gold coins which you can use to unlock new balls

During the game, always consider to play it slowly since it does not have any timers
It means that you can keep running since you can stand as long as you can.

In this game, your snowballs from previous games will stay on the field
And, it will be larger when you roll it on the snow
Note that, there will be an increasing number of unnecessary obstacles that you must avoid at all cost

Always keep your movements short and steady as if you make a mistake you will can send the penguin to sail into a tree.

For such reasons, always use short taps, and try to keep your ball rolling in straight, and move slightly to avoid obstacles standing in your path

When controlling the penguin, make sure to use both hands to control your snow ball
Besides, you must also try to remember where all of the obstacles are located on the board.

Using both fingers will give you a better response time, so that you can survive any longer and rack up score into the highest one.
Thus, the main point is to guide the ball steadily and move on from rolling in snow drifts to rolling in coins at ease


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