Strategy to Get Gems in Battleplans iPhone

C4M Prod has a unique action-packed strategy game which is called as Battleplans – Online PVP Strategy and Tactics dedicated to the ios and android users

battleplans walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will control each attack and defense then command heroes and troops to defeat enemies in wars while gathering up valuable resources.

To manage your troops, you will have to recruit heroes equipped with unique abilities and after they are ready, you can send them to the battlefield.

Always remember to upgrade your heroes by powering up their skills, increasing their base stats, and increasing the size of their own unit.
Make sure to keep them in a balance, since they are really important.

As usual, resources take a big role toward your heroes movement
Note that, every single individual upgrade for a hero will take a couple of minutes
At the same time, you will only have one upgrade running at once

For such reasons, always upgrade the gold mine in the beginning of the levels since it will generate gold for you overtime

On the other side, you can utilize the environment to manage your strategy when dealing with enemies in the battlefield

Utilizing brown swampy areas will slow down any units trying to cross through it
Anyway, this also affects your units movement

If you can utilize shaded, dark grass areas, you will have a cover and a small defense boost for any units on it.
Besides, utilize a patch nearby as defense, since it can be hunkering down on it.

Meanwhile, balancing out the squads composition such as Serfs and Archers will be important.
Serfs are great at close range combat as they have a decent amount of health.
Archers or snipers are handy to deliver a lot of damage toward enemies from long range

In accordance with this, just try to create your unit matching with your heroes such as putting serfs with Balthor and Mason since they can be said as the front line heroes.
You can also count on ranged heroes like Freya, assigning archers as she can keep her distance from direct confrontation.

Outposts in this game can be categorized into resource nodes on the world map.
Early on the game, you will firstly discover them as they will usually be overrun by skulls, whereby if you can pull them out, you will get the outpost.

It is caused by such thing can give you gold over time on top of your home base’s gold mine
Be sure to plan a good defense for your outposts to prevent siege from the attackers

You should also think about micromanage your units where you must manage your units in a certain order to get maximum efficiency.

At this point, you can send in your front line heroes first as well as your ranged heroes backing them up when invading a big group of enemies

In addition, gems seem to be the premium currency of this game
You will be granted with gems if you can get victory in the battle
Alternatively, you can purchase them through iaps for specific prices
Thus, always beat enemies with good unit management to ensure your gems achievement


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