Strategy to Gain High Score in Trump`s Wall Build it Huuuge iPhone

Trump’s Wall – Build It Huuuge from The Blu Market is a new building game that is for the ios and android devices

trump`s wall build it huuuge walkthrough ios android

Anything you do here is to build Trump’s wall around his house as high as possible so the birds stop pooping there

To build it, you must do with different strategy since the blocks come along with the different sizes and you should move the crane and drop each block on top of one another
In the mean time, if you lose balance, the wall will fall over and you will get fired which will make you start it from the start.

To play this game, just start building the wall as wide as you can, with the pieces closing together
In line with this, if you can build the wall more tightly, it will be more stable so that you can build it to taller and taller
In order to make it high, you can try to build it slower

On the other side, you can try to build it by extending the width of the wall slightly.
At this point, you can try to mount a block with about 3/4 of it on the wall and 1/4 of it hanging off while trying to finish that portion of the wall

Afterward, you can then build the next level of the block by putting a wider block atop at the end block
Also, you can do it with the one next to it, in which it will stabilize them to even tougher.

Always remember to not let the wall collapse or the round is over which will get you to start the level again.

To deal with this, you can simply watch an advertisement video to keep the wall going high.
Once watching the video, you will see that the last block you dropped will be picked back up and it will be put into your crane
For such reasons, you can then have the option to select a new spot to drop it in.

Sometimes, you may need to change the direction of a block that you can do by putting a wide block which lands on a tall block
Note that the other half has nothing underneath it.

Doing so will make it tilt and tip over onto its side, so that it can plant itself next to the tall block
Therefore, it will change from a wide block to a tall block.

Meanwhile, you will sometimes be served with the ads popping up while you are playing
In order to get rid of ads, you can set your phone into an airplane mode
Anyway, if you are the man who always shows a lot of appreciation and respect toward the other else work, you can purchase the ad removal from iap store


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