Strategy to Gain High Score in Handbrake Valet iPhone

Handbrake Valet is a kind of a drifting car game for the ios and android devices
In this game, you will drift your car into parking spots on the street.

handbrake valet walkthrough ios android

In other words, you will get to go through some parking spots for a high score
Meanwhile, you will then race your way up the leaderboard for the score you have gained in the game.

During the gameplay, just tap once to start your turn, and get into the parking spot without hitting any of the cars there

When doing so, you must tap and turn in the right direction.
Tapping on the left side of the screen will make your car slide to the left side of the street
And, taping on the right side of the screen will guide your car to slide to a spot on the right side of the street.

In line with this, the time of tapping will be important to drift your car into safe zone
To do it, just try to time your tap when the nose of the car is halfway between the front and the back of the car behind the spot.

If you can do it well, you will easily slide into the smaller and tighter spots.
Note that, this may change slightly when you get high score

Always consider to rest for a while then go back to the game again with fresh mind so that you can concentrate on what you will do next


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