Strategy Guides to Earn Gems Coins in FarmVille Tropic Escape iPhone

FarmVille Tropic Escape from Zynga will get you to run a beautiful tropical resort on the ios and android devices.

framville tropic escape walkthrough ios android

Seemingly, this game has the classic FarmVille farming action with some new resource management and building

In the beginning of the game, your silo storage and boathouse storage’s maximum capacities will only be fifty units, where you need to keep crops such as pineapples and rice
Later on, you must upgrade them to have more storage for such crops

You will then be assigned to fulfill the guest orders on the work order board which will earn you some extra coin and some experience to level up
Besides, you may use them to make the recipe items and get a lot of food items in the future.
Then, you can use those items to fulfill a guest order.

When farming, make sure that your rice and pineapple counts will not reach below 8 as it will be much slower to get back to a working rate of crops.

After getting more levels and unlocking new crops, you can grow more of them and you need more farm plots to use
It is caused by having enough of a crop to max out all of your farm plots will give you a big boost of that one kind of crop.

On the other side, you have to complete the daily quests to get more reward in form of a mystery box containing experience points and coins.

Gems and coins are the main currencies of this game that you can get for free by doing a lot activities
In order to get more gems, just watch a 30 second advertisement every now and then
Plus, you must complete achievements to unlock some gems.
You can also find gems in the chests at the Sunken Temple and The Secret Chamber will also give you a big bounties of gems.

Anyway, you may also use gems to enter the Secret Chamber
And, you have to spend even more to open chests containing more gems
Moreover, if you can connect your Facebook account to this game you will earn 5 gems for free.

You can also use sunshine to speed up cooking or farming process.
To get this sunshine, you can ask your friends, in-game or through Facebook

Later on, you will then have to upgrade your storage to keep your crops
You can do this by spending gems on expanding your storage


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