Strategy Guides Dandy Or A Brief Glimpse Into The Life of the Candy Alchemist iPhone

Wefiends has offered Dandy: Or a Brief Glimpse Into the Life of a Candy Alchemist as a 2D shooting game that you can play on ios platform mainly

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Along the game, all you will do is to shoot each enemy popping up on the screen
In the mean time, you will also have to learn the type of your shoot such as the slower ones, that will get you to study your enemies and devise strategies on the go

Here, you will guide Dandy, who is a cute little alchemist to go on a beautifully-drawn 2D world to shoot a variety of enemies with your unique weapons

To play this game, you will merely swipe to move Dandy across the side of the screen and you will simply tap to shoot any incoming enemies.

In accordance with this, you can also use small swipes at the bottom-left corner of your screen rather than have to swipe all the way up and down to move your character.

Also, you will ride a flying lollipop to battle and shooting bullets from your candy cane wand.
With your lollipop, you will fly through some levels, punctuated by little power-up stations in the form of candy dispenser statues, and battle with endless waves of enemies for a score.

During your journey, you are obsessed with searching for alchemical ingredients located around an ancient world and guarded by certain type of enemies in each world.

When shooting enemies, you have to get into the rhythm of holding your fire while deciding which enemies need strong bullets or which ones you can shoot with a quick stream of weaker bullets.

As said earlier, you will deal with certain types of enemies, such as little red Narwhals, plenty of spitting guys in mostly-rounded shapes, little octopus guys protected by swirling half-moon shields, rotund bomb guys, and so on

When dealing with them, they will attack only when disturbed, and some will home in on you like darts, forcing you to shift up and down the screen constantly
Meanwhile, the other ones will jump in and out of the screen and shoot at you, wherever you move

In the way of shooting enemies, you will see them to line up behind each other
You will see the one closer to you being the kind that does not shoot until you shoot it
And, the one in the back will be spouting bullets at you.

To deal with this, you must go with a less-efficient strategy while shooting at harmful enemy first
In the mean time, you will be able to use a bunch of power-ups, that you can combine as you want

The different power-ups will be presented in the shape of candy
Besides, you will also get some power ups that will make your bullets return to you like boomerangs
And, you will the other power ups which will help your bullets stay stronger for longer

In the shooting moment, you can try making some nice combos actions to take out all enemies at once
Anyway, you may pay attention in hearts as your health status when fighting against enemies in each stage
Just try to predict the next type of enemy to appear then shoot them at the right moment
Every time, you can do it well, you will be brought to go to the next stages


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