Strategy Cheats Guides of Nonstop Knight iPhone

Nonstop Knight from flaregames is a streamlined action RPG with the combination of a clicker and a dungeon crawler, which you can play both on the ios and android platforms

nonstop knight walkthrough ios android

Here, you will guide your hero through the stages to search and beat enemies for coins
To get coins, you will get more of them while you are offline

When fighting against enemies, you can use a berserker potion to speed up the game
With this kind of potion, you can smash and slash anything with immunity for a while.
Also, you can use it to boost your XP to level up your hero

Later on, you must upgrade your gear with coins, so that you can make your equipment powerful.
After having better equipment, make sure to get it equipped during in your action

On the other side, after getting enough of a specific currency you can ascend or go back to the start of the game to collect a chunk of special tokens which will be useful to be used for some permanent upgrades to your hero

At that time, you may lose your equipment, but you will have any special skills you have unlocked for your hero.

You can also use the tokens to unlock boosts and buffs in the shop
Make sure to get boosts which will provide you extra coins when you are out of the game

As said earlier, you will get your skills working in tandem with each other.
Consider to upgrade your skills as you will often get two charges with a single cooldown.
Try to use both of these charges at the same time, so that you can recharge and get them two ready for the next battle
With recharging skills, you can deal with a boss fight which will bring you to take the victory

Meanwhile, this game will offer dome rewards by watching the promotional videos when grabbing a purple chest

In line with this, you can then use your cash evenly to keep all of your equipment at a similar level
Besides, you can get a few gems around the stages which will be handy to be used on some extra tokens
These tokens are really useful to boost your skills which will be powerful ones


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