Stars to Gain High Score in Slow Down iPhone

Again, Ketchapp has launched their the newest endless game called Slow Down that you can play both on the iOS and Android devices.

slow down walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will merely take a control of a bouncing ball, and all you will do is to tap the screen to slow down your movement while letting go will make your movement fast

At the same time, you will have to avoid all obstacles and collect more stars that will be handy to unlock new balls

To perform your action, you must act fast, since there is a little bit of delay between tapping the screen and letting go of the screen
Here, your tap will determine your next move since if you do it too slow the ball will go into the next obstacle that will end up the game and restart your move.

Your main objective here is to get high score and stars, the main currency of the game.
Once having 100 stars, you can get a new shape.

Every time, you can complete 1 stage, you will get 1 star
But, if you are lucky, you will get a popping up screen button saying free stars
So, just tap it to start watching an ad video to collect more 10 free stars.

You will also have to make a new record of gaining score as high as possible by trying to hold down on the screen so that your baseline is the slow speed.

In the mean time, you will start off moving slowly and speed up
Then, you can start off moving quickly and then slow down from there.
If you can do everything right, you can easily get high point totals from any action you have performed in that stage.

Later on, every time, you can jump each obstacle on a stage, you will get one point.
Ans, if you can jump more than one obstacle in one single jump, you will be rewarded with a point total equivalent to how many of them you jump over all at a time.
Therefore, if you can leap over two jumps, you will get two points score
And, if you can leap over three, you will get three points score.


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