Stars Full Tank Cheats in Pico Rally iPhone

Raketspel AB has presented simple racing game wrapped in pico rally where you will be able to race your way around the world in the simple track

pico rally strategy guides ios android

On the other words, this game is a rally racing game with one touch controls, where you will simply control your speed here and try to reach first place.

During in the race tracks, try to slow down for bends and turns
Doing so will get you to to winning races in which you have to control your speed as well

When seeing a turn coming up, try to let go of the gas and let your car automatically take the turn.
Anyway, if you have slowed down enough, your car should take the turn pretty well.
Here, you will have to try to time your gas again right when your car is pulling out of the turn in which it is for the most efficient way to get through it.

On the other side, the light blue cars will not even matter
Later on, you will have opponents cars in your races, but you will often meet cars in light blue cars.
Seeing these cars will not actually be part of the race as they are there to screw you up
So do not worry if you are trailing behind one of these guys.

When being on the race track, make sure to watch out for other cars
The cars that do matter are usually colored purple, orange, or white ones.
In line with this, they are even a different shade of light blue, which can get a little confusing to differentiate them in the race track.

However, you can avoid running into the other racers since your control is automated, but you can slow down or power through.
You can try butting sides with another car, and try to keep up with them.
When you get to a turn, make sure to take it as best as you can
Usually, what ends up happening is that you collide with the other car, which will come to send them out of bounds a little bit.

Throughout the game, make sure to aim for fast times
In line with this, you really need to collect a certain amount of stars in one region in order to unlock the next one.

At this point, you will also struggle to beat some tricky times.
Just do these way especially for your first runs, in which the later levels will need some familiarity before you can tackle it properly.
In addition, doing so will also be good to give you the boost that you will need to get through the races along the game.

In addition, try to win some races to unlock new tracks, then try to master them all in order to be the real champion of this game


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