Stars for High Score in Ketchapp Soccer Football iPhone

Ketchapp Soccer or Ketchapp Football can be included into a new goal-kicking contest game that you can play both on the ios and android devices

ketchapp football walkthrough ios android

Your main goal here is to get some stars and unlock a ton of game modes and customizations
Also, you will have to gain score as high as possible.

To get score, it rely on on how squarely you hit the target.
Hitting the side of the target will earn you one point.
And, if you hit the target square in the middle, two points will be granted for you
Thus, kick the ball into the target accurately to get high score

Early on, you will play in the default mode or the free-kick mode where you can play as you want though you miss a shot
Then, you can play in Time Challenge where you will be assigned to earn as many points as possible within a specific amount of time without missing a shot.

As said earlier, you must get stars, the premium of this game
To get them, just try to kick a ball into a star when popping upon the screen

Besides, you can get free star gifts by watching the ad videos
Once having 100 stars, you will be brought to take a spin at the wheel to earn more customizations which include earning a new ball, a new defender, a new style of goal, and changing the weather in the background.

On the other side, you can also get new free balls by following the game on Twitter or for liking the game on Facebook.

The main point is to kick as fast as you can in the time trial mode and wait a moment when kicking the ball in the free kick mode
Just wait until the defender is as far away from the ball, then kick at the goal when the defender is not there.


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