Stars Coins Cheats Tower Dwellers iPhone

Tower Dwellers from Noodlecake Studios can be said as a tower defense game for ios and android platforms where all you will do is to build towers and defeat any oncoming enemies for gold and victory

tower dwellers walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to focus on defeating some more stages on the normal level
Then, you can unlock even more stages and stars needed for various upgrades.

When building towers, be sure to place them in an area that covers all possible entry points of the enemy troops
At this spot, you will also be able to bring together your troops from two towers

To start your journey, you can begin to place one or two standard swordsman towers
And, you can then build archers or mages behind the swordsman towers
Building the swordsmen can make your Hero slow down the enemies
Then, the ranged units will handle them easily from long range distant.

Later on, you can have a total of 20 different types of troops each with different stats that you can build in your area
Get those troops added for support buildings and combine these support building to get different types of troops.

In line with this, you can also combine your troops such as Tinhead Bowmen, Wise Sword Fellas and others to support your towers
Winning the battle in this game will rely on a great placement and a good tower setup in early stages

On the other side, you must also plan your upgrades wisely while focusing on getting those which will actually increase the stats of your troops and make towers cheaper early on.

When doing the upgrade, you can purchase the upgrade your three troop types
You can start with the melee units since they will be the first line of defense and you will mostly use them in the game.

When dealing with tougher enemies, you can start using spells more often.
Using those spells will be vital for victory
So, be sure to use them more to get better results

Note that after using them, they will have a cooling time
Thus, just use them wisely, especially the yellow one which will help you beat enemies at once.
You can use yellow spell to destroy archers or flying units

After going through some tough battles with any oncoming enemies, you will get gold coins and stars as your reward achievements

You can gather up some more coins by replaying older stages that you have completed before
To collect them more, always try to complete all stages here
Plus, be sure to do some upgrades toward your towers and units to defend and protect your territory

With more extra stars and coins that you have collected through the game, you can use them to purchase even more upgrades in this game


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