Stars Cheats in Checkpoint Champion iPhone

After you have read the review of Checkpoint Champion game developed by protostar, you will ten be brought to burn rubber in this two-touch simple racing game.

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In this game, your main goal is to hit all of the checkpoints with the fastest times in which you wil do all actions with your simple car

At the beginning of the game, you will start out with the Volken Ladybird, in which you will be opted to choose between the Higashi XR and the Volken Ladybird.

Using The Higashi has lower grip but high top speed, and you can drift with it easily.
On the other side, using The Volken Ladybird has lower top speed but it has higher grip.

So, it is up to you to begin your experience in the Ladybird as it is relatively tight and easy to steer.
Meanwhile, The Higashi one is extremely sensitive and slippery, which is making it more suited for expert play.

Later on, you will be able to unlock the other car manually, in that every car has seven different colors to choose from, and each color has a different unlock method.

In line with this, both the Higashi and Ladybird will come to two straightforward unlock methods.
For the Higashi “Black and Yellow,” you have to unlock it by sharing a video replay or getting snapshot of one of your runs.
And, for the Volken Ladybird “Pink Lady,” make sure to follow Protostar on Facebook then go to the option and select About Protostar to gain access to that car.

Furthermore, you have to gain all 3 stars on the levels in which you will almost always need to be boosting the entire time.
You can do that boosting by holding down both sides of the screen.
As a result, you will get an extreme speed boost, and there is no limit to how much you can use it.

Anyway, you can utilize the fastest runs in the boost from checkpoint to checkpoint
Thus, there will be a technique you should try to master.
Also, make sure to do boosting before your turn is complete as it will stop your turning and lock you going straight.
In order to start your boosts, your turn ends right when you are lined up with your next checkpoint.

In the way of getting a lot of stars in this game, make sure you unlock the Arena.
The Arena here is similar to the challenges, except the layout of the checkpoints is randomized every time you try it.
Usually, they also have 3 possible stars to get, but every star will be worth 3, which will prompt you to get a total of 9 stars on one arena
Doing all of that actions in the challenge will be a great way to get a bunch of stars.

Always practice your drifting skill and try to run through Aerodrome, that will allow you to get at least 1 star on each level.
Then, once mastering the boost turn technique, you are able to gain 3 stars as your achievement.


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