Stars Cheat in Frontier Heroes iPhone

A&E Television Networks Mobile along with Frontier Heroes A Planet H Game from History offers you a puzzle adventure action game where you will learn the various major developments of American history.

frontier heroes walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, just look for DYK symbols
At this point, you will see a special symbol in each stage indicating to the time period you are in that you must collect it in some manner to unlock the Did You Know at the end of the level.
Here, be sure to know the most of these following symbols

Early America symbolizes A golden bird
The Colonies symbolizes A corn stalk
American Revolution symbolizes A bell
The Frontier symbolizes A paw print
California Gold Rush symbolizes A pickaxe and shovel

Later on, you will really need some stars to go to the next levels into further
Each level has 3 or 4 achievement stars that you can earn by performing certain feats, that you can do by reaching a certain score or by doing a specific action.
Here, getting every single star is pretty important as you will be able to unlock “The Land of the Free,” the final era, in which you need all 71 stars

Anyway, in order to get all the stars, you have to throw 20 tea crates overboard in which you need to capsize the red coats that paddle by occasionally.
And, hitting a redcoat with a crate will allow you to get points according to the number of crates on his boat.
Here, you have to toss the crate with the appropriate amount of power in order to aim the crates properly as the red coats can be close, mid-range, or far away.

As said earlier, getting a single star will be important here
Because of this, you have to try completing the log cutting challenge, where you have to cut 7 logs for one of the stars.
During in this challenge, each time you time a slice when the meter is in the brightly colored spots, you will get a meter block.
In line with this, you must do it two times for both sides to perform a super cut, whereby it will be quickly cutting the current log.
Then, each time you do a successful slice, the general speed of the meter increases.

At the beginning of the game, you will have to accomplish some challenges which are particularly hard, such as in the corn farm level.
To complete this one, all you will have to do is to fend off the gophers and crows while collecting a certain amount of corn.
Every corn that you harvest will give you a tiny bit of time, and you have to fight off the animals while getting the corn.
You will see green meters next to the corn stalks which indicates their health, that can be replenished by watering them.
But, if you let a meter drop to nothing, that stalk will not grow corn again.

In addition, when being in California Gold Rush, you will see that the rail spike challenge will be the trickiest one.
At this point, your reflexes and the right time will determine your achievements in that drive the spike under 30 seconds will be the hardest achievement on this level.
If you can hit the nail by holding down the button quickly, you will get more power.
At this phase, you can get it around 20 seconds if you can nail every power swing.


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