Stars Cheat in BBC Top Gear Extreme Parking iPhone

Play With Friends Games will take you to put yourself behind the wheel of some of the iconic cars which is bundle in to gear extreme parking game

top gear extreme parking walkthrough iphone android

Throughout the game, you will drive the Indestructible Pickup as Reasonably Priced Car, Jezza’s Italian as Polizia Coupe or James as Rozzers Saloon.

In each mission, you have to use all your skills in order to complete the ultimate extreme parking challenge and unlock some new cars such as the legendary “Alfaab” or the ridiculously long Giant Panda Limo.
Meanwhile, you will find some cars here which has been created for an authentic Top Gear experience with real physics and you can control them perfectly with your touch-screen.

With your car, you will drive various of cars collection while completing and driving obstacle courses, playing the all-new Total Destruction mode or even chasing The Stig the legend

Along the game, make sure you drive safely the go to the parking zone as quick as you can when playing in Precision Mode.
Be sure to park in the end zone accurately to accomplish a mission and do not even hit when playing in the precision mode as the game is over when you do it

When playing in Destruction Mode, you have to make as much damage as you can as well as finishing the mission within the time limit
Here, you will be able to smash through Caravans, the Cool Wall, the Top Gear Production Office, and more iconic areas from the home of Top Gear.
If you can make more damage in this stage, you will be able to earn high score or stars
So just try to get maximum points before time runs out.

In the attempt to finish each mission, just slow down to keep better control of your car
And, during in the Chase the Stig Mode, all you have to do is to follow the Stig and get through the checkpoints for a time extension, and you can manage to keep up with the Legend

Then, if you play in Unlock Relaxed Mode, you will get more time and 1 free time rewind per mission.
And, if you crash in a mission, you are able to purchase time rewind to get a second chance for completing each mission
If you get stucked in a mission, you can try to jump ahead, or try relaxed, granny or playing in invincible mode for having an easy ride

On the other side, you can try to master the hectic Hammerhead, which is as the flat-out Follow-Through and the slidey Gambon corners that will get you to perfect them all to be the best one.

In addition, every time you have performed well in racing or parking, you will be rewarded with stars and points as well


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