Star Wars Uprising Strategy Guides iPhone

Star Wars Uprising is the newest action RPG game form Kabam where you will be able to create your own hero to fight against the Empire.

star wars uprising walkthrough ios android

Your hero will come along with their ability in which you can double tap anywhere to do a dodge roll. Use this when dealing with ranged enemies, and it is good at getting out of telegraphed attacks

Hold out blaster will allow you to shoot wildly towartd groups of enemies, and heck, even single targets

Always complete each mission for great reward
Start with story missions where you will try to attempt them at the highest level.

Be sure to increase your player rating and improve your overall strength by upgrading your gear.
You will have to get rarer component to get more experience gear
just find them by completing missions.

Later on, you can combine the most common component through the use of some other materials.
Doing this will improve the power of the components


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