Star Gems Cheats MMORPG Stellacept Online Android

Asobimo has presented a free to play MMORPG Stellacept Online which is made with a stunning 3D graphics that you can pay mainly on android platform in which you will be brought to enjoy thrilling battles in each area during in your exploration for star gems and any valuable items

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In other words, playing this game will get you to deliver devastating combos that you can do by tapping your screen at the right moment

In the mean time, you can also unleash a terrible power with the Burst Points that you will get by beating enemies.

Here, you can take a role as a soldier who fights against the terrific Tarazed to rescue the people of Sadalsuud then develop and evolve your Stella to be the most powerful one.

Also, you will be equipped with combo and skills that you can use to defeat enemy one by one
Just tap your screen at the right moment to trigger the special skills toward enemies in this game

Moreover, you can also contribute a phenomenal power by using the Burst Points that you can earn by defeating enemies in each level

Later on, you can enhance your hero`s status by using status spica.
Besides, you must also learn the basic stats of your hero such as HP, Sword, Gun, and Magic in that you can equip armor that is below your character’s level.

You must also learn what skills that you have when it is about to attack certain enemies
Slash is strength of close combat attacks.
Range is strength of long range attacks.
Magic is strength of mid range attacks.
Tolerance is an ability to tolerate down.
Defense is an ability to protect self.
Target is a rate of critical hit.
Dodge is a rate of dodging enemy’s critical hit.

On the other side, you can also spica to enhance your character’s parameter.
In line with this, you can also distribute your parameter to increase status points in which you must also learn these parameter.

Sword will increase Sword level and close combat attack strength.
Patience will increase Sword level, Patience, and HP.
Range will increase Gun level and long range attack strength.
Tech will increase Gun level, Critical hit rate, and some HP.
Magic will increase Magic level and mid range attack strength.
Dodge will increase Magic level, Dodge rate, and large HP.

You must also learn specific skills that you have got
Every weapon style will come along with some unique skills that you can learn by using Skill Spica.
You should also learn more skills to unlock more powerful skills.
Besides, you can also combine two types of emblems which are Performance and Rank.

Later on, you will go tot explore each area to beat every kind of enemies that will earn you points and any other valuable items that you can use for your hero

In the mean time, every time, you can successfully complete each area, you will be granted with star gems, the premium currency of this game
Plus, if you can complete every given mission, you will also be rewarded with a kind of items or it can be in form of star gems that you can use to purchase anything you like in this game


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