Star Gems Cheats in Snail Battles Android

CanadaDroid has launched Snail Battles as an action shooter game where you will merely swipe and tap to do combo shots then build a monster slaughtering weapon machine on the lovable snail.

snail battle walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will start off with the legendary heroes and you will go to shoot each snail standing on your way while collecting coins and gems to upgrade your weapons and unlock new heroes.

Now it is time to join Bob, Koone, and other exciting heroes armed with unique types of weapons on a journey in snail land where you will ride big snail equipped with advanced weapons

In this game, you will have to learn each weapon type and function
Weapons here have different projectile, damage and ammunition
And, some of them will be effective for destroying buildings while other weapons will be handy at killing single or multiple enemies at once.

When doing in a mission, you can try to carry three different weapon type to beat all enemy types.
Once going through mission, you can upgrade your weapon as soon as you can
Later on, you can also unlock more weapons in the next stage.

Anyway, when using high damage or low ammo weapon type be sure to swap a high ammo weapon to a high damage or low ammo weapon and shoot any buildings or tough enemies at once.
Afterward, you should swap back to your high ammo weapon.
You can also fire twice if the enemies are tough enough to beat.
Always reload your low ammo weapon as quickly as possible so that you can frequently use it.

Beside getting gems and coins throughout stages, you will also have to get 3 stars, in that you should kill all enemies including mines
At the same time, you must make sure that all of your carried weapons should stay in one piece.

When using your special weapons, you can use them when you want to get a 3 stars in a single stage.
it is caused by after using them, they cannot be used again until their cooldown expires.
To get the cooldown finished instantly, you can try to change your device time for few minutes.

In order to get more coins and stars, you can play in easy chapter first
Playing in Easy Chapters will earn you to get gold coins when you reach 10,20 and 30 stars.
And, playing in Hard Chapters will earn you gems when you reach 10,20 and 30 stars.


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