Star Coins Keys Cheats in Waldo & Friends iPhone

Ludia has presented Waldo & Friends as a hidden object game that is adapted from on the original hidden object game, the Where’s Waldo books.

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In this game, you will be tasked to find Waldo and all kinds of other people then some hidden objects scattered by the twister before they are forever lost at sea

Every time, you have completed each hidden object, you will be rewarded with star coins as your reward of accomplishment

Similar to many other hidden object games, you will have four stars that you can earn on a stage, taht you can do by collecting points.
To get the stars fast, you can try to play the same stage over and over again so that you can memorize where the objects locations are.

Here, time is everything, whereby if you can beat a stage in a quick time, you will get more points per play
Later on, if you have more points, you star up faster.

Always remember that, before starting to tap on the screen, be sure to look around for everything that you need to find the hidden object.

Tapping items one after the other in a quick time will increase your point multiplier.
In line with this, it will highly be recommended to memorize the location of everything
It is caused by, you will skyrocket your multipliers and earn maximum points.

If you have a hard time finding something, you can use the wolf’s bane for a quick boost to discover where the object is.

Also, save up your wolf’s bane when you have three or more stars on a stage as some stages will end up having other tiers that can be unlocked when you get a specific number of stars.
Using the wolf’s bane will be handy so that when you will not find an item, you can still keep the big multiplier going.

Gems is the premium currency in this game that you can collect for free by tapping free offer buttons. Here, you can simply watch popping up advertisement videos that will earn you free gems.
You can also complete an offer wall which also earn you free gems
Then, completing the missions will also earn you more gems.

Besides getting gems, completing mission will also provide you more energy so that you can use it to play a level
If it will run out, you can refill it by logging into Facebook to get a free energy regeneration.


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