Star Coins Cheats in Rainbow Ruckus The Amazing World of Gumball Android

Cartoon Network has brought Gumball Rainbow Ruckus to mobile platforms iphone and android
Here, you will take a role as Gumball that is tasked to beat Jealousy, forcing the town folk of Elmore to do his bidding and steal the rainbow from the sky

rainbow ruckus walkthrough ios android

Along the game, your main objective is to rescue the town of Elmore and to restore the rainbow to its rightful place, soaring high above the town.
In the mean time, you will be asked to guide the rainbow through the old sewer pipes and back up into the sky across 30 gripping levels.

In doing your actions, you will be equipped with paintball gun where you will have to shoot all enemies along the pipework
With your weapons and special items, you will have to protect the protagonist at all costs while he unblocks and fixes the pipework Рwaking up any townsfolk under Jealousy’s spell.

On the other side, you will have to survive until the timer runs out to collect the rainbow.
Once doing so well, you will be granted with 3 stars and a bonus.
With these stars that you have earned through each stage, you can unlock New levels.

To help you in completing each stage, you will be able to use some power ups and upgrade your weapons and items

Upgrading your Health will increase your health points.
Upgrading your Speed will make you super speedy when moving along through the pipework
Upgrading your paintball gun and hammer will increase their strength.

Once unlocking power ups with coins that you have collected along the game, you can activate a power-up by holding down fore on the right-hand side of the screen.
At this point, some power-ups will require a time to recharge before they can be used again.


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