Star Coins Cheats in GrandChase M Android

Grand Chase M from Actoz Games can be categorized into the best tactical 3D action RPG that will bring you to play as elite allied troops from the kingdoms of Kanaban and Serdin then explore each stage to beat KazeAaze for stars and coins, the main currency of this game

grandchase m walkthrough ios android

Here, your heroes will be equipped with active skills, passive skills, even special skills
Every hero in this game will have special skills that you can activate by filling up the Vitality Gauge
Then, you can collect some special skills to perform your fatal attack

With your heroes, you will go to explore some stages full with an abundance of dungeons, raids, daily dungeons, infinite dungeons, battle arenas or PvP, collection, and much more

On the other side, you can also equip cards with various options to form the strongest of parties then dominate the battlefield using the distinct skills of each hero

Once all of your heroes ready, you can send them to the battlefield to get experience points to level up your heroes
In the mean time, you can also raise your heroes into 6-star heroes with Character Synthesis

Meanwhile, this game will also come along with various modes of play where you are tasked to collect stars and coins through game modes

In the way of leveling up your heroes, you will go through a total of 180 stages available at 3 different levels of difficulty
At that point, you can get 3 stars for every stage

In order to get some powerful items for your heroes, you can try to beat the powerful Boss Monster aka Berkas then get involved in the PvP Battle Arena to be the Grand Chaser

In Hall of Heroes, you will be able to summon phantom heroes and join forces with friends to destroy the enemies standing in your way

When playing in Dimension Crack, you can challenge yourself in unlimited battles using 5 parties made up of your heroes

Later on, you can also get the Attribute Essence that will be needed to evolve your heroes in the daily dungeon

Every time, you win the victory in each stage, you will be granted with some coins and stars
In related to get stars, one hero and another may vary to get them
Thus, if you want to get some star and coins, you must get involved to participate in dungeon and get your victory there


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