Star Coins Cheats for Rare Performers Cards in Glee Forever! iPhone

Klab Global has a free music rhythm game which is packed in Glee Forever!
This game also comes along with unforgettable McKinley High performers inside the package.

glee forever walkthrough ios android

By playing this game, you will be allowed to create your own show choir with characters from the show then match the beat to over 50 Glee songs such as Don’t Stop Believin, Loser Like Me, etc

Later on, you will also have to collect rare cards collection take from familiar faces such as Rachel, Blaine, and Sam then complete character collections and unlock your favorite songs

This rhythm-based music game will really test your timing and your sense of classic songs where you will have to follow scenes from the popular music TV shows.

Every song herein will have a type to it that you can show by finding out the color of the song box which will be in form of pink hearts, blue drops, red fires, and so on.

If you see that color, it will be an indicator of what kind of notes you will find during the song.
You can also have a type, where you will have to match the type of the note to get bonus points

Before performing a song, the game will automatically pick the best performers for the song that you are listening to

Your main objective of this game is to get three stars on each song and get glee coins there.
When listening to that song, be sure to notice how close you are to each star by watching at the points meter located at the top.

Every time you get a star through each song, you will get a story card, that will give you additional story tokens in form of the silver coins, booster cards, and some nice stuff.

Every song in this game will have nine performance achievements to tackle.
These achievements will be categorized into score, combo, and complete.
And, every single category will provide you a bronze, silver, and gold reward.

Also, you must get a high score to get the gold reward in the score category then get stage ups for your performers, story tokens, and booster cards.

In related to the performance achievements, be sure to complete a song five times in a category to get five glee coins, the premium currency of the game

At the same time, you can do this for one song across all four difficulty levels, then you will get glee coins increased by five in automatic
So just do the complete achievement on a single song on all four difficulty levels to get a total fifty glee coins from one song

Long the game, you will also be assigned to complete the goals or the typical missions
Here, you will be tasked to complete a song on a certain difficulty level to earn glee coins and to get rare performers.
For further, in order to get more glee coins for free, make sure to complete your daily goal

After collecting enough glee coins, you must save it up for premium chance and premium superpack.
You can spend 50 glee coins for the premium chance to get one rare or better performer.

And, unlocking the super pack will require you to use 500 glee coins that will guide you to get ten rare or better performers and a hall pass, an extra rare currency to get the guaranteed superstar pack, which costs 10 hall passes.

If you can unlock the guaranteed superstar, you will get a big chance to have a super rare performer
For such reasons, just get the premium superpacks as your top priority to get super rare performers since it will lead you to get a bunch of glee coins in this game



  1. I have opened 5 chapters. I’ve leveled up a bunch of characters. When I get some cards it says I’ve staged up but then it says I maxed out so it changes the stage up card to a bonus points card instead. How can I get my level 2 cards to stage up into levels 3 and 4?

    • common characters only stage up to level 1. rare characters stage up to level 2. super rare and ultra rare characters stage up to level 3. there’s no way to stage up a common character to levels 2 or 3. sorry 🙁

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