Star Coins Cash Cheats in Championship Manager All Stars iPhone

Square Enix has launched Championship Manager All-Stars or Champ Man All Stars 15 that you can play both on ios and android platforms

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Championship Manager All-Stars or CM All Stars can be categorized into the multiplayer version of the world famous Football Management game where you will test your management skills against real life players around the globe online.

All you will have to do in this game is to build a superstar team from thousands of real life players database taken from 440 clubs worldwide and compete against the world to prove you are the best manager.

You will also be able to transfer your players on the market and bid for the best players
Besides, you will also be tasked to upgrade your stadium and train your squad, plan your best strategy and formation to beat friends on the field for cup glory, gold and cash, the premium currencies of this game.

In this game, you will have a chance to play in 4 exciting game modes namely All Star, Survival, Tournament and World Tour.

When playing in that modes, you will have 3 lives
With these lives, you can play a full league campaign, win as many matches then enter a one off tournament for the high prize pool.

In All Star Ranking mode, each match in this mode mode will affect your Ranking points.
Here, you can compare your ranking points against your friends on the leaderboards
If you have high enough experience, you may get invitation to participate in the All Star cup

When playing in World Tour mode, you can compete against real world teams from around the world.
In this mode, you will get to beat 3 teams in a row to go to the next level that is the global leagues.

After playing in world tour mode, all teams best will be placed in a league with managers at the same level.
At this time, each team will play the other teams twice in the league once per day.
At the end of the season, the top 6 teams will get a promotion to the next level.

Later on, every team will also be placed in a 128 team league cup at the end of the season
League Cup is a one legged straight knock out competition.

Your team will also be invited to go to the All Star Cup, a competition only for the best of the best team at your level.
In line with this, there will be a 3 day qualification period where you will have a target All Star ranking to reach.

At this point, your first 32 players to reach this qualification will qualify for a straight knockout cup competition.

On the other side, in between regular scheduled matches you will be brought to take part in one off matches where either you will match against random opponents, or you will arrange friendlies.

To level up fast, you will have to train your team to get training points, which will be useful to improve the skills of your players
With this training points, you will help your team learn new positions or learn new set piece skills

You can also get the best players through transfers
During the first level of the World Tour you can buy and sell players from the scout network as many times as you want.
In accordance with this, transfer tokens will be needed to buy and sell players.

Meanwhile, you can use 1 Match Contract for every match you take part in
Match Contracts can be paid with Contract Tokens.
Furthermore, you can have a indispensable player to your team

Once progressing through the game, you will have to do some upgrades to your management
These upgrades can be match day boosts and you can also hire staff or improve club facilities.

Having the match day boosts upgrade will directly increase player performance for a number of matches.
Hiring staff will boost transfer funds income as well as improving the efficiency of training sessions.

Upgrading the facilities can increase boosts to funds and the amount of training points received
Also, you can keep your players fit and healthy with the best facilities.
You can get all of these upgrades with stars coins

From all modes that you have participated in earlier levels, you can now try to play in survival mode and tournament mode

Survival Mode is separate from your All Star Team where you can play matches against other users.
At that mode, you will have to choose a team taken from the top 1000 players in the game
You will be able to choose from 3 randomly selected players.

When playing in this mode, do not let your team lose all 3 lives or this entry into Survival Mode is over, in that you can also continue to win the match for big rewards.

Besides, you can enter Tournament Mode after qualifying for the league in All Star mode.
At this mode, you can play with other managers to compete on an equal footing
At a time, every manager will be given with the same transfer budget to build a complete squad

And, the participants are split into groups of 4 to compete in a mini league.
Be sure to be on the top 2 from each group to go a straight knock out competition for a split of the prize pool.
You can use all rewards in Tournament Mode to be used in All Star mode

As said earlier, star coins and cash are the main currencies of this game
You can easily get cash every time you play the match
And, if you can win the match, you will be rewarded with a bunch of star coins and cash
With enough star coins and cash, you can purchase the best players on the market whereby you will be able to build solid squad in this game


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