Spring Solutions Level 12 to 17 in Staying Together iPhone

After solving previous levels of Staying Together game, you will now go to the next levels that will get you to make the couple meet for grabbing hearts
Now, you will get the solution by reading these following steps carefully

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Level 1-12 will get you to make the two start moving towards the meeting point.
Here, the woman will need to do a double jump across the five spike pit
In the mean time, the man will also have to jump, land, then double jump to make it across his path.
When doing so, be sure to do this all in one motion, or if it is not someone will get stuck with spikes.

Once getting them in the middle, do not meet them yet first.
Just make them go opposite directions to grab their hearts.
After getting the woman’s heart, you can have the man drop down back to where he started then make him do air jump back on to the platform.
Be sure not to miss the jump, as if you are too early you will jump into the spikes.
Just do what you did at the start of the level, then meet back at the center.

Level 1-13 is to get off the cliff and jump back on the piece left of the man.
Then, get the man to drop down the hole while keeping the woman on the two-step platform.
You can get the woman jump up to the second heart piece
In the mean time, the man must be near the meeting point.
Then just try to have him drop down, then make double jump as quick as possible to grab the heart piece under the cliff.

Level 1-14 lets drop the man into his hole, then get the woman into her hole using only single jumps.
Next, you can then get them both out to meet in the center, but you must go after the heart pieces first.

Level 1-15 will get you to have the woman jump up, collect the first piece, drop down, then drop down again and do double jump to get the second piece.
Here, the man will follow, and be sure to have him jump over the three spikes while the woman jumps into that L-shaped alcove.
You have to get her run into the wall to bring the man closer, then get the last piece on the way out.

Level 1-16 prompts you to get the man jump over his gap surrounded by the two spikes.
In the mean time, you should get the heart piece, and the woman should be in the pit.
Also, you have to jump up and grab the piece above her.
As a result, you can have the man drop down and get the last piece.

Level 1-17 is all about timing.
Just go to get the two across the respective paths full of spikes to have them jump at different times. Be sure to watch the both sides as once getting them to the center, you should have the man jump up the walls to get the last piece, and make enough space so that he can meet her.


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