Spot The True Colors to be Top Scorer in Shade Spotter iPhone

Apex Application has launched Shade Spotter into ios and android platforms in that this game is a kind of a new endless game where your goal is to spot the shade.

shade spotter walkthrough iphone android

This game will spot the shaded square out of a whole big field of other squares, in which you can do this as many times as you can before the given time runs out in each round.

To play this game is pretty simple as you merely tap to spot the shade on each time
Then, once making progresses to the next level, the shades and shapes will get lighter and harder to get through

Early on, you should start off on the easiest mode where different colors have different difficulties when it comes to finding the shaded square
For such reasons, starting off on easy mode will really help you solve the hard and easy colors with ease, and how much of a color difference to search for.
Anyway, colors get closer together as the game goes on.

After mastering easy mode, you can then continue to play in medium and hard modes, which is very hard to tell the color.
At this point, be sure your screen is clean or else the smudges and dirt will go a long way in obscuring the appearance of the screen, in that it will make it much more difficult to tell you which squares are the shaded ones.

In each level, you will be served with the easy squares first like all squares red and one white af. Then, they will slip you some 50 shades of grey grid to find the shaded one.

To figure out the true color in this game, you can turn the brightness up and down as well as tilting the screen to one side or the other to change the glare on the screen
Also, you can try tilting it from side to side to bring out the color differences on really hard levels.

Moreover, just go to the accessibility settings and try to put on the grayscale, or increase the contrast on your phone to get the right configuration of the colors.
At this point, you can also even try inverting the colors, or you can use the zoom function to make each of the squares to get bigger a bit.
Then, you can try messing with all of the settings at the same time to see how you do it.

In addition, you will sometimes see the ads scattered on the screen when you are playing this game
To get rid of it, try to switch your phone into airplane mode
Or, you can turn off the WiFi and data connection.
Once doing so, you will play this game in full version without any ads popping up on the screen when you are playing this game


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