Splash Underwater Sanctuary for Cash Cheats iPhone

DeNa has presented a really nice and addictive underwater simulator called Splash Underwater Sanctuary
This game will allow you to grow fish and other species, while discovering new ones then raise and release a multitude of species to repopulate and fill it with life in the ocean.

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As a reef caretaker, you will have to take care all population under water and diverse ecosystem there
Also, you will have to unlock all the fish in the game and ace them like a pro

Early on this game, always have the maximum number floating around and feed them to maturity.
Make sure to check them out at all times and start learning the requirements.

Releasing a specific number of fish in each set will provide you set mastery, that will come to more rewards in form of premium tickets for the Hermit Crab.
In line with this, you must learn what are the requirements for each type of fish and slowly work to have them.
You should also learn the basic breed, as you will need a lot of those to actually get the materials for the more complex and difficult to get fish.

After making progresses through the game, you can upgrade your Inventory to hold more items or the Green Food Pot that will provide you food discounts for each upgrade level.
And, you will need to use your splashcash in order to get the materials at ease

On the other side, you will also have the rare decoration marked by a blue question mark.
Later on, if you can unlock more decorations, you will have bigger chances to get the rarest ones.
Anyway, you can simply sell them all, but always keep at least a couple in your inventory that you will need to unlock a new area.

As usual this game will feature Splashcash and Keys as the main currencies
Spalshcash is the premium currency and you will get them when the fish will drop some for free every now and then.

Meanwhile, keys are offered when you level up, so be sure to always feed the fish and release them as this will gain you experience and level up your fish
Moreover, you can also use the keys to unlock new areas and new sets of fish along the game

In addition, always know and learn what type of materials you need for your next fish and work to get those.
You can also sell all the materials you do not need
However, always have enough them that will need to get some fish after you release those that you already have.
And, you do not want to end up forced to spend Splashcash on materials as you do not have enough of those for any type of fish in this game


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