Spins Cash Coins in Hockey Stars iPhone

Hockey Stars form Miniclip will bring you to play a player vs player in air hockey game on the go
Here, you can trade turns with other players online

hockey stars walkthrough ios android

Besides, you can practice it first by playing it offline to earn coins and cash
To get some coins, you can play against people in various online tournament

In the way of collecting coins, access the main menu, tap the Free coins Collect Now! button then you will be served with a list of free coin options.
During there, you will have timed rewards and the ability to watch videos for free coins
All you will do there is to complete offers from Tapjoy for free coin rewards.

Moreover, you can get free cash rewards by tapping the plus sign next to the cash counter
Afterward, go to the top left option saying Free Cash with Offers so that the Tapjoy menu will show you a list of offers to complete for cash.

Cash and coins here can be said as the main currencies of the game
Cash is used to get almost all of the goodies in the store.

Then, when having enough cash, just tap the shop area to purchase new teams and new formations.
Having new formations will allow you to arrange your team differently when playing the early game

And, having new teams will change the appearance of your players
Plus, they will have different stats, which will make a difference in how easily you can control the puck, and how far you can shoot it.

When playing the game, target the puck, or rival characters.
Make sure not to leave your goal undefended or your rival will get much score from it
Just keep the puck out of their hands, in which it will make you knock characters away from the puck so that they cannot make a shot at ease.

When you are about to have a shot, just try to aim carefully.
Sometimes, you may hold the puck when your rival will try to shoot a goal and the goalie will catch the puck.

For such reasons, try to get all of your other characters out of the way
Doing this will allow you to have a clear shot.
At this point, just bounce the puck off of the wall then shoot it for an easy goal and points.


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