Speedy Ninja Strategy Guides iPhone

NetEase Games has started out their new debut into the newest game called Speedy Ninja, the endless runner game where you will merely run, jump, dive, attack and defeat enemies along the way for victory

speedy ninja walkthrough ios android

Here, you will take a role as a ninja leaping around the screen to defeat monsters and grab some various collectibles items such as spikes to duck under or leap over at a time.

To play this game is merely to tap the screen to jump or duck under a platform while trying to avoid obstacles in each stage.

When you are about to attack your enemies, you can try to use your dexterity and skill to solve some obstacles and beat monsters on the run and in the air with your special weapons

On the other side, you will have to build your experience to unlock awesome new characters, dragon mounts, and powerful weapons while trying to put your character on the leaderboard for high score

You may also ride on mythical dragons high into the sky to build up your unique abilities then get your ninja upgraded to run faster

You can also get some cool rewards by completing daily challenges and unlock character skins to level up your power beyond max levels

This game also comes along with a detailed upgrade system, where you will have to upgrade your weapons and level up your skills


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