Space Bux Cheat in Galaxy Online 3 iPhone

IGG will allow you to be a Commander of the Galactic Federation in its recent game, Galaxy Online 3 where you can explore all the planets with your own ship

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As a commander, you will be able to take charge of a newly colonized planet, build up your outpost, hunt down outlaws, create a the most powerful armada, and compete with rival Commanders to put your place on the Federation’s High Council

Along the game, you will level up your character that will guide you to upgrade more your Capital building.
Once upgrading your Capital, you are able to unlock more buildings and upgrades so that you can construct new buildings and upgrade existing buildings.

This game also allows you to collect get more resources that you can use to upgrade your resource production buildings so that you can improve their production rates, as well as research related Sciences.

Also, you can try to lay Siege on other players to steal their resources, or simply buy resources from the Mall using Space Bux.

On the other side, this game also features space bux that you can collect by running and accomplishing some Missions

Before hiring any captain in this game, make sure to learn the types of Captains
Here, captains are split into several Classes such as Veteran, Elite, Legendary, and Mythic.
Then, you can hire Captains from the Academy, or you can generate them by using Relics, or you can hire them from the Mall using your Medals.

After hiring them, you can use them as your fleet will determine which type of Captain is the most suitable.
As an illustration, A Guardian type Captain with defense-oriented abilities will be good with a fleet that functions as a tank.

In line with this, your captains can earn Experience Points or EXP that you can do by completing some missions, laying siege in battles, occupying resource planets, and defending bases against Corsairs.

For further, you can then promote Captains and increase their Ranks that you can do by consuming Star Shards
You can earn these Star Shards by converting duplicate Captains, generating them with Relics, or winning them from Galactic Gifts and Log-in rewards.
Moreover, completing Elite Missions will also earn you Star Shards.
And, Captains’ primary attributes can also be increased by inlaying them with Gems.

Furthermore, you will be able to get Designs randomly by completing Missions and undertaking Exploration Events.
Besides, you can also purchase them from the Black Market and the Mall by using Honor or Medals.

Later on, you will also be assigned to manufacture your ships, in which you will firstly enter the Ship Factory and choose the ships you want to build.
Anyway, producing them will need a certain amount of Gold, Metal, and Plutonium and it will take some time to complete as well.
Next, you are also to assemble a fleet, that you can do by tapping “Fleets” on the main interface to enter the “All Fleets” interface.
Afterward, you simply tap any fleet icon to start assembling or modifying a fleet.

Throughout the game, all of your buildings will have certain functions on your planet
Capital buildings will control the construction and it can upgrade limits of other buildings.
With Guild Office, you can make or join a Guild and access Guild features.
In Science Institute, you can research new Sciences and increase research speeds there.
You can hire and generate Captains or purchase items using Relics in Academy.
Purchasing high-value items from the Black Market or getting Plutonium and Metal using Gold can be done in Trade Center.
If you wan to manufacture war ships for battle, you can do it in Ship Factory.
Research Facility will allow you to research new technology, upgrade existing technology, and discover new blueprints.
After having tough battle, you must repair destroyed ships or scrap ships in exchange for resources that you can do in Hangar
In addition, Radar will help you scan surroundings for resource of other player bases so that you can lay Siege and raid them for resources.


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