Soulstones List Cheats in ELune Saga Android

Few days ago, gamevil launched Elune Saga, which is a kind of a hybrid RPG with elements of a strategic trading card game with some key features

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This game features RPG + TCG in which it combines RPG battles with TCG strategy, that allows you to tactically beat your enemies by using heroes and collectible cards.

In line with the cards, there will be hundred of cards that you can collect, enhance, and equip over 200 Soul Cards to give your heroes unique attacks in battle.

Except collecting cards, you will also be introduced with element system that will be based on the four elements such as Fire, Earth, Air, and Water
Here, you must use different combinations of your Soul Cards to deliver the highest amount of damage towards enemies in the battlefield.

Throughout the game, you will go through various gameplay modes where you are able to explore in the world of Elune Saga through the story-based Adventure, competitive PvP Arena, and endless Dungeon modes.

Every hero will be attached with some skills in which each skill has a cooldown.
And, The Soul’s skill cannot be used while remaining turns available

On the other side, your basic attack will not have a wait time, so you must use it as fast as possible
Binding a more powerful soul will make your hero become stronger
Then, if you bind a Soul to these slots, you can use the Soul’s Skill and Ability Points

Along the game, every time you go through the battle with enemies, you will require stamina
At this point, when you run out stamina, you can either wait it for getting regenerate by itself or you can restore your stamina with Stamina Stones received from friends

Monsters and heroes in this game have elemental attributes including Fire, Earth, Air, and Water
Fire will be strong against earth.
Water will be strong against fire.
Wind will be strong against water.
Earth will be strong against wind.

Later on, you will have to know if stronger elements’ ATK increases by 150% and you can combine 4 elements to deliver your heroes attack

On the other side, equipping items from the party select screen will help you in going through the battle with ease

For further, you can choose a Soul to upgrade then select another Soul such as normal souls that you can use as material
In addition, souls of the same element will provide more EXP and it can upgrade your Souls

Anyway, soulstones and gold are the main currencies of this game
Except them, you will also be assigned to gather up soul list that you can do through some battles in this game

Primarily, you will easily collect gold from enemies in the battle but you will try harder to collect soulstones and soul list


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