Some Ways to Earn G GetCoin in Alpaca World HD+ iPhone

Alpaca World HD+ developed by Ammonite Studio can be included into a new collecting RPG which is specially designed for the ios and android devices

alpaca world hd plus walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will have to collect Alpacas in different colors, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and abilities then battle them against other Alpacas to show who is the the strongest team and to earn gold (G) and Alpaca Coins

During in the battle with other Alpacas, you may have one very strong Alpaca and some weaker ones in your team
To plan strategy when battling with other alpaca, try to send the weaker ones first
Let them attack once, and swap them out for tougher one.

Every time, your alpacas have experienced each battle, both weaker and stronger Alpacas will gain experience points respectively

To increase your collection of alpacas, just gather up some different colored Alpacas to be includedn into your party

In line with this, you may have up to four of them in your party, and you can swap them out when you are about to go for the next battle.

At this point, some different Alpacas are stronger or weaker against specific Alpacas related to the different elements.

On the other side, you can also catch more Alpacas with ropes that you can purchase when you are in the city
There, you can also purchase food to restore your alpaca`s hit points, so that you will be able to battle for even longer and win tougher battles.

Besides, you can also purchase the various warps to warp to different hills.
Plus, you can get clothing to give different look of your Alpacas

As said earlier, gold (G) and Alpaca Coins may be the main currencies that you can get either by purchasing them in iaps or getting them for free in the game
To get gold for free in this game, just go to the sell menu and sell the wool from your Alpacas

Here, you may sell your higher Alpacas to get more gold
You may do this if you have duplicates or you want to make more room.
Later on, if you want to get some easy coins, level one up and sell it for having more coins.

Once getting gold, make sure to upgrade your buildings
In accordance with this, upgrading the den upgrade will allow you to hold more Alpacas total.
Then, upgrading the turtle upgrade will help injured Alpacas recover quickly.
Upgrading the house will give you more wool.
If you can upgrade the windmill, your alpacas will grow their wool fast
In addition, you may consider to upgrade the magic bucket which will let you change your accessory colors to any color during in your performance along the game


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