Solve Puzzle to Get Kingdom Gold Cheats in Desktop Dungeons iPhone

QCF Design has just launched Desktop Dungeons, that is a kind of the unique puzzle roguelike game specially made for the ios and android platforms

desktop dungeons enhanced edition kingdom gold iphone android

In this game, you will be brought to fight your way through randomly generated dungeons, gather up spells, items, and loot to beat the dungeon boss and collect gold as much as you can to upgrade your Kingdom.

Along the game, you will also be able to unlock and play new classes, discover useful items, capricious gods to worship, and battle with enemies in each area.

Early on this game, you can play and take an Elf Warlord through the Venture Cave to beat Aequitas the Warlock and sell his beard to your Taxidermist to get an upgrade to your Blacksmith.

Sometimes, you will also have to solve the game’s extensive puzzles trying to understand exactly what worshipping Taurog is all about.

On the other side, this game will include several races along with unique stats and abilities.
In line with this, some races are good for some builds but at the same time bad for others so be sure to choose wisely.

Once learning these races, you can try the Human and Dwarf race to create melee characters
Here, Elf is for glyph based characters
And, Halfling and Gnome are good for classes that have more health and mana potions
Then, Orcs are indeed useful to gain experience points while Goblin if you want to go for a challenge, as it is not all that good at anything.

After learning your character stats, leveling up is vital if you want to beat bosses at ease.
In order to earn some extra experience points, you must defeat monsters in a higher level than you.

If you meet multiple enemies having different levels, be sure to defeat the ones with the lower level first, since trying to beat the one with the higher level may make you level up and earn less experience for the lower level kills.

As resources are limited, you must maximize EXP gain as much as possible.
In line with this, leveling up will also restore your health and mana completely so you can try to level up right before the dungeon’s boss.

Glyphs or spells can be incredibly useful to beat enemies with high stats.
In accordance with this, some classes will start with a specific glyph in their inventory but all classes can use them if they find glyphs in dungeons.

At this point, using spells on enemies will not make react as meleee attacks do, in which it will make them extremely safe to use.
When doing so, you must have enough mana potions first.

In addition, unlike HP, mana will not increase when leveling up and finding the three mana power-ups in each dungeon will quickly increase it to high level.


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