Solve Puzzle to Get 3 Stars in Bust A Move Islands iPhone

TAITO Corporation with Bust A Move Islands game will let you to swap bubbles to make high score where you will take a control Bub in an all-new puzzle-solving adventure

bust a move islands guide ipad ipod touch

In this Story Mode, you and a friend play head-to-head over Bluetooth
And, playing in Challenge Mode, you will have to solve the puzzle given in each level

In the first of 50 levels or so, you will be served with bubbles in fairly obvious order, in which you have to shoot the bubbles accordingly.
In the mean time, you will have to start thinking ahead and swap bubbles so you can line up matches in advance.

All you will do in this game, is to tap to aim as opposed to holding and aiming.
At this point, you should also take a long look and tap to shoot.

Along the game, you will also get ricochet bonuses as a big boost.
Your main goal here is to rack up points so you can collect stars that you can use to keep playing

For such reasons, you must think about how to get the most points per shot.
In line with this, before doing each shot, you have to find an easy ricochet path for that shot as you will find free points right there.

Also, be sure to save up the combos.
If you find your combo of popping bubbles with matches in long period, you will be able to get more points

Therefore, make sure that each subsequent shot results in another combo.
Later on, after making your first match, you should try to get matches from then on to max out your score.

Since you get extra points for your combo chain, you will have less reason to take really risky shots for massive matches.

Furthermore, you can continue a combo of small matches to get 3 stars as long as the level that you are playing will not severely limit your number of bubbles to shoot in that level.


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