Solve Missions Agent of Influence in James Bond World of Espionage iPhone

Glu Games will take you to join James Bond: World of Espionage as a new RPG or management game that you can play on both ios and android devices

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In this game, you will be assigned to collect teams consisting of super agents, called Agent 007 and send them on missions around the world to collect information and build your agency branch to protect the world

In other words, you will have to find, recruit and develop top agents with unique talents.
Then, train them to level them up which will increase their skills
To get the best result, you can combine them with other agents on the team to take advantage of each agent’s ability.

This game will take you to play with some card collecting, time management, and you will need Stamina, Energy, and Health Points to play this game for further

Always check your mission, before logging out of the game You will level up by completing each mission in this game

As you level up your profile, you will get attribute points that you can put into the various profile-based statistics to increase them.

Energy is your top priority to continue playing in later missions
In line with this, you can try to put all of your points into beefing up the energy meter.
With more energy you have, you will be able to complete more missions and make progress through the game easier

Besides, you can also access content and get to the sections where you can actually start collecting a bunch of money and agents.

Here, you must make sure to give your agents with advanced gear such as gadgets, vehicles, and weapons to increase their stats
You can get new items and materials along the game then use them to craft special gear in the Q-Lab to collect better bonuses

On the other side, every time you level up, you will get your energy bar refilled completely.
With enough energy you have got from the game, you will be able to continue playing in more missions

Meanwhile, you can try to shift on over to the player vs. player missions to boost few more experience points for your profile
You can then try to play in PVP matches which will do award experience as well

This game will show you a very colorful cast of agents that you can collect.
And, you can really tweak their team consisting of the best agents to get the performance you want.

In accordance with this, you will get two of the same agents here.
Therefore, you can try to take the better agent card of the two then upgrade the stronger card with the weaker card to improve the performance of the team overall
Moreover, doing so will make finding the agents you want to use will be much easier than before.


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