Solve Levels to Unlock New Island in Snakebird iPhone

Snakebird from Noumenon Games is a simple challenging puzzle game on the ios and android in which it is about how to push, lift, teleport or just defy the laws of physics formula.

snakebird walkthrough ios android

Early on the level, just move your snakebird one space at a time and move around the platforms directly above the snakebird

Here, you will learn how to get through each level in the game
In first level, go for the green fruit on the left.
Grab the fruit to enlarge your body by one block, so that your snakebird can land on the edge of the cliff once coming back.
Then, get the red fruit and into the portal in your path

Level 2 Solution
Go to left 4 times, down, left, up, right, up in banana
Then, go to left again, go up, go to right 8 times
Afterward, get the strawberry there

Level 3 Answer
In this level, you will solve spike blocks.
Make sure not to let your snakebird fall onto that spike block
To deal with this, go right side to get the cherry
Move straight up and do it again until your snakebird is upright and straightened out.

During there, go to left, down, left 2 time, then down which makes snakebird’s head to touch the ground Because of this, your body will extend
And, you can get the strawberry now.
Try to go to the upright with the snakebird go directly to the left of the spikes so that you will get clear path to go to the other side.

Level 4 Hints
Just go down the left side from where you start the level
Remember not to make your head stick out to the right.
By doing so, you can land on the platform between the spikes below you.
After doing so, go to right 2 times, down, left, down, then go to left 2 times again
In the mean time, go up, right 2 times, so that you can go back from there

Level 5 Clues
Try to go up 2 times, then go to left, up, right, up, and right again to get the orange.
There, just move up again which makes the snakebird fall down then go through the two platforms on the right, and circle back around from the top side so that you can get the strawberry.

Level 6 Guides
Go to right 2 times, then go up
At the same time, go to right 3 times, up 2 times, left 2 time, up, right 2 times, down 2 times, left 2 times and go up 3 times to straighten out.
To grab the orange go to left, then goo down, left 3 times, up 2 times, right, down, then you are good to go from there

Level 7 Solutions
Especially for this level, you will take a control of two snakebirds
Here, you can switch between them by tapping on the one you want to move on
Meanwhile, the other one will take a nice nap during you control the first one
Your moves will be colored coded such as green for the green snakebird, and blue for the blue one

To solve this level, just go to left, left 3 times, up, left, up, right, up 2 times
Then, left, up, left 2 times, left, up 2 times, right 4 times
Afterward, go up, left 3 times, left, left, up, left, up, right
Again, go up 2 times, left, up, left 3 times, up, right, up, right
Once again, go up 2 times, left 2 times, up, right, right, right, down, right, up, right, up, left
As the previous step, go up 2 times, right and go up to get to the rainbow goal.
According to this,the blue snakebird will also be in position to go into the goal.

After completing those levels, you will deal with a level where the long vertical pit in the middle will be as a clue to solve the next level
From the start of the level, just go up, right, and go up again until the snakebird is straightened out and fall into the pit.

From there, try to go to right to get the peach
Then, you can continue to go to right 3 times, up, left 2 times, then go to left and back up out of the pit.
By doing all moves there, you can now get the orange
Be sure to leave enough space to let the snakebird coil back onto the ledge
Besides, it can go into the portal as well


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