Solve Colors Puzzle for Better Route in RGB Express Android

RGB Express developed by Bad Crane is like a Match 3 puzzle game in a glance, but it is a totally different kind of puzzler game.
Here, you are working in shipping line RGB Express, where you deliver colors not goods instead.

rgb express mini truck puzzle walkthrough iphone android

To play this game, you simply draw routes for your drivers on your phone so that each house gets the right package
This game will get you to do so in up to 280 free levels and make sure that every house gets the correct package.

When delivering the package, you will see a building at a dead end part of your route
This means that your route will almost be completed at that time.
And, when your truck hits that part of the route, it can not go back anymore.
So, try to m=imagine that route first before drawing out a route in the game.

Later on, you will be prompted to draw multiple routes, where you can work on this by planning one route for one truck.
Doing so will get you to take out the easy deliveries first before wrapping up with the toughest ones.

If you get tucked on a route, this game will give you an access to press the play button that will simulate a stage that has not been completed yet.
At this point, you can spot potential opportunities for a crash that you get to avoid.
If you see the possible dangers, you will know what not to do when going to a route for your trucks.

Always stay alert as a truck’s orientation at the start may be turning out to be misleading
It means that, it will not suggest the correct route the truck should be taking, or point you towards the actual objective.
Before starting each stage, do not focus on all to the trucks’ orientation as this will only throw you off once starting to draw routes out.

In the mean time, you will see repeated symbols on the routes, such as draw bridge symbols, which will throw a curve ball on you and prevent you to get the correct route for your trucks.
In addition, just keep routes as simple as possible to continue one stage to another in this game.


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