Solve All Levels with Point Bonus in Rezult iPhone

Rezult is a kind of the math game, where you will have to solve puzzle in each level containing some numbers while completing some bonuses after completing one level to another

rezult walkthrough ios android

Early on, every level here has multiple ways to beat it, and sometimes it may prompt you to collect the available bonuses so that you will have extra time, double points, or a “malady” against my opponent.

Anyway, playing this game will expect you to gather the bonuses shown, so that you can solve the puzzle after grabbing both bonuses.

This game will focus on adding and subtracting and you will also have to race against the clock
So stick with the simple math to gain point bonus as much as possible.

In the way of getting point bonus, you can try to grab the malicious tiles too.
In line with this, you can get the 2x points bonus, that is followed by the time bonus.
Also, you can have a chance of getting a free malady.
Usually, you will see this malady during gameplay, and they are worth collecting.

To solve each level here, your brain is a muscle so you can try to play a couple training matches working on your adding and subtracting
Thus you will be 100% when you go head-to-head against a live opponent.

During in the match, you can undo your move when you are in doubt.
In accordance with this, to make a match, you may sometimes need 15 seconds on a single level.

If you feel hard to move on the next step, you can try to hit undo first
In the mean time, you will also have to figure out the puzzle with a clean slate in 4 seconds.
Furthermore, after passing through 9 seconds, you should hit Undo to give yourself a clean slate and think about another strategy.


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