Solutions to Solve Puzzle in Deus Ex GO iPhone

Deus Ex GO from Square Enix can be categorized into a turn based strategy puzzle game that you can play both on the ios and android device

deus ex go walkthrough ios android

Like the title said this game is all about stealth, hacking, and corporate intrigue.
To solve each puzzle in this game, you will need strategies to sneak your way through a semi dystopian cyberpunk world, and leave as few witnesses as possible.

Along the game, you can take out enemies by moving into their space from the sides or from behind. Remember not to take them from the front and try avoid them from behind or from the sides.

In line with this, you will have to deal with basic guards which will run straight towards you on sight If you activate a shield it will make them pretty much indestructible when they get alerted by your move.

They will only move in a straight line and they will not follow you around corners.
Just use their temporary invulnerability by putting them between you and a gun turret.
Moreover, they will only move in two directions, so you must find ways to eliminate them or trap them to complete the puzzle.

On the other side, those guards can also undo your hacks if they are on a hacking space.
Always consider not to pass gun turrets
Besides, you can activate shielded guards to protect yourself from a turret’s fire.
Also, try to hack turrets to make them friendly and shoot enemy guards

Get to red hexes as those turrets will not shoot through blocked red hexes as they will block an enemy’s line of sight.
If you activate a red hex while a guard is on this hex will trap the guard in that space indefinitely.
And, if you reactivate that hex in front of a moving guard it will trap him

You can then use red hexes and block shielded guards to protect yourself and keep paths clear.
Then, you will deal with security robots, the basic security bot that simply sits and waits for you to walk up to its face
Never move to a space directly in front of them, but try to sneak around them

On the other side, you may need to get and use cloaking power-ups, floating turquoise icons which floats in a hex
Activating this power up will make you undetectable for a single space of movement so you will move once in invisible

In the meantime, you will be able to take out enemies with a frontal attack while cloaked at that moment.

Meanwhile, you need to do hacking activity which is needed to get around most turrets and through red hexes.
To do so, just step into a hacking space indicated by a floating yellow computer icon and tap on Jensen.
Later on, trace a line from the hacking space to whatever object you intend to hack.
Note that you cannot hack objects in red on this screen

According to this, you perform the hacking activity from a single hacking location at any given time.
And, you are able to change targets, while keeping an eye out for a second hacking location.

Make sure to know and learn the paths you trace out if you are about hack more than one
It is caused by once a path is drawn, there are not other lines that can be drawn past it from other hacking spots.
So, it will really be important to keep this in mind when you are about to trace and hack again.

In this game, every single level will come along with a optimum move count.
Here, you can replay a stage to display a move counter in the bottom-left corner of the screen, that you can do with your current number of moves or the maximum ones.

And, in the way of getting a level completed successfully, you may need solutions that you canget form iaps
After exceeding the move limit, you will get a pretty gold level marker instead of standard black where making every step count is really counted here.


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