Solutions Superpower To Unlock The Future in Cut the Rope Time Travel iPhone

If you have played Cut the Rope Magic on your device, you may have to continue to play the next series of the game called Cut the Rope: Time Travel that is the newest product of Zeptolabs.

cut the rope time travel walkthrough ios android

Similar to the previous series of the game, all you will do is to cut the rope and grab the food for your character
In the mean time, you will also have to gather up stars, where you get to travel through some historical era such as the Middle Ages, Ancient Egypt, and more.

During the gameplay, you get one piece of candy per monster on the screen, in that you should feed each one of them to complete the level.

When doing so, you will not be able to feed multiple pieces of candy to the same monster, and you cannot also feed one monster, then put the other piece of candy past to the other monster in each level.

As said earlier, you will get to collect start in each level
here, you will have to get three star, which you can do by knocking your candy through the stars.
With this stars, you will be able to open the next world

Later on, you will be able to get stars by replaying the older stages
In line with this, every time you need more stars, just go back at an older level, then make a good progress forward to get three-star more levels.

On the other side, you will also have to collect power-ups categorized into two types
With these power ups and three stars, your job will be easier as they will help you pass a level

During your performance, you will also get hints indicated by the little yellow guy on the screen
If you see that man, make sure to tap him to use a single hint for a level
Doing so will automatically walk you through the steps so that you will be able to get all three stars much easier.

Sometimes, you will see the lightning bolt power up which can be said as telekinesis that you can use to tap anywhere on the screen which allows you to control the candy.

Furthermore, you will get to unlock the Parallel Universe featuring new world and different levels.
To get more challenge, you can unlock The Future and Let It Snow with the stars you have collected from the levels in this game


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