Smart Ways to Earn Diamonds in Steps Ketchapp iPhone

Ketchapp has a brand new game for the ios and android users where you will be brought to go as far as you can, while avoiding some obstacles that will crush, squeeze, destroy, or kill your cube to move on.

steps ketchapp walkthrough ios android

In the mean time, you will also have to collect diamonds to unlock new cubes
Every time, you play this game, you will get three main goals where you must gain score as high as possible

Besides, you will have to complete missions where you must overcome three different obstacles
You can do this by moving platforms or spikes within number of times.
Also, you will have to complete eight stages, where you must collect one of the letters at the end of the level.
Later on, you will be assigned to find out the bonus letters until spelling the bonus word.

Diamonds here can be said as the premium currency that you can get by completing missions
Once getting them, you can then purchase a new cube.

If you want to get them more, just share a gif to get 50 diamonds
In other words, you will merely share as a text message and paste your own phone number into the number slot
Once doing so, you can text the gif to yourself every time which will earn you diamonds for free.

On the other side, you may have to run across a cube changing the color of your own cube.
Here, the different colors will be pushed back harder or they can push back on their own harder
As a result, it will cause the color that you select can determine whether the other cube is easy or hard to push back against.

In addition, if you follow all those following statements, you will achieve your main goal in this game, which are gaining high score and collecting diamonds or gems, the premium currency to get new cube to play in later levels


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