Skip Levels in Slide the Shake iPhone

At last, Prettygreat has launched Slide the Shakes on the apple store where you are assigned to slide many delicious milkshakes through over 100 sweet levels

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Along the game, you will merely slide a shake down the table to the green spot
However, you will not be able to let it slide off of the table, or you will start the level

Since you go further through the levels, you will deal with more challenging sliding course and you will get more variation in levels and even stunning shakes to unlock.

During in your action, you will pull back more to slide the shake harder
You can do this by using the speed that the arrows flash and by using the color of the arrow.
At this point, you will go by the color of the arrow first so that you will know how far you will launch the shake.

To keep your rhythm during the gameplay, you can try to slide it too softly than too hard
Sometimes, you may get the hang of colors and distances, which will make it much easier to pull off quick slides.

Each time, you perform your action, you must always watch out for the jelly and the ice.
The jelly will be in form of the pink stuff all over stages, which will slow down your slide, and make you be at risk of tipping your shake.

On the other side, the ice will come along with zero friction, where you will be able to slide on ice by gravity.

After making a good progresses through the game, you can unlock more shakes in various types which will offer different performance characteristics.

The shakes in heavier ones will be harder to slide fast, but they will slide with more momentum.
And, lighter shakes and more top-heavy shakes will tip over at ease, which will make jelly extra dangerous for them to slide on.

Meanwhile, you can switch the levels to any point in time by pausing the game
Or, you can skip the levels if they are harder to complete
To do this, you must purchase skip levels form iaps
For further, if you have a tough level to beat, you can skip it to continue to play in the next levels


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