Sisyphus Job Platformer Game Goes to iOS Soon

If you have played any platform games on mobile devices, you may have a guest in similar genre called as Sisyphus Job which will come to the apple store in the next few days

sisyphus job walkthrough ios android

Anyway, this game will go featuring interesting features and a uncommon setting, in which it will come with an ancient Greek setting, starring the mythological Sisyphus.

As the story begins, Sisyphus has defied the Gods and put Death in chains so that humans could not die in any other way.

Unfortunately, Death will manage to get free, and it will come after Sisyphus to punish him for what he has been doing in the game.

After getting caught, he will have to pay for his actions by pushing a boulder up a mountain.
The boulder will roll down every time he will reach the top

To play this game, you will have to escape punishment by avoiding a variety of obstacles while collecting gold coins along the way

So, it may be interesting to play on your phone
Be sure you are the first one to install this game on your device.


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