Simple Way to Earn More Coins in Hero Clickers iPhone

Tiny Games Challenge has challenged you to try their newest game, which has been packed in Hero Clickers in which this game is a kind of a new endless tapping game for the iOS and Android platforms

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Similar to Tap Titans which has been discussed in the previous post, this game will simply prompt you to click or tap on monsters as fast as you can.

Every time you have successfully beaten monsters, you will be rewarded with gold coins that you can use to purchase upgrade boosters that you can use to double your power

In related to the power ups, you will be able to unlock a new power up every ten levels.
Early on, you will get the rapid tapping one, then you will unlock the critical hit power up, which is 2X DPS power up
Moreover, you will also get the 5x coins against bosses power up, and others.
Later on, you can use what all you have got to blow through monsters, and you can even beat a tough boss monster with ease in which those bosses will earn you a ton of coins.

Note that all of these power ups will have a cooldown time, but if you want to skip the cooldown time you can do the time lapse trick.
Firstly, go to the date and time settings on your phone
Secondly, set the time on your phone ahead by however long the longest cooldown time will take.
Afterward, you can then go back to the game and use all of your power ups at the same time.

In the way of getting some more coins in this game, it will highly recommended to do a whole lot of farming so that you can purchase the necessary tap damage and DPS enhancements, damage per second
With this DPS, you can easily beat the next boss in that bosses here are the timed monsters coming up once every five levels
In line with this, just go back to the last boss that you beat then beat them again and again in order to earn more coins.
By defeating bosses, they will always earn you a higher number of coins than the regular monsters will.

On the other side, you can also earn a ton of gold while you are sleeping
To do this, just set your phone to not auto-sleep, then leave the game up, and you can charge it so that you will have full energy on your phone
By doing so, you can run the game and let your hero farm so that if you DPS is upgraded highly enough, you will kill monsters that will earn your more gold without actually having to do any action.

In addition, tapping in a quick time will allow you to count the numbers down on the treasure chest.
For such reasons, you will be able to earn more gold whenever you open it.
Furthermore, this will give you a large gold boost
Also, the auto-tap power up will countdown the numbers.



  1. Hero Clicker was not good enough, I’d say Heroes of Utopia would beat it that one is totally awesome

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